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Wed.06.19 Ten Years 10 Percent OFF
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We have been representing the Sandberg brand in Hungary for 10 years now. We would like to thank our hundreds of customers who have helped us improving the reputation of this fantastic company founded..
Tue.09.16 Marshall CODE Series Guitar Amps
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Marshall CODE Series Guitar Amps Five Decades of Fine Tuning Fully programmable, CODE combines authentic modelling of classic and contemporary Marshall tones with professional quality FX. CODE preamp..
Sun.09.16 Sandberg MarloweDK Signature Bass
Zoli 0 1040
Sandberg MarloweDK Signature Bass Guitar Thomas Risell (MarloweDK ), one of the world’s most well known bass teachers with far more than 25 million clicks on youtube has developed his dream bass in ..
Sun.08.16 Sandberg Clinic-Tour
Zoli 1 874
Sandberg Clinic-Tour The Sandberg Clinic-Tour comes to Budapest. One of the funkiest bass players Ida Nielsen who has played in Pince's backing band for many years - first as part of the New Power G..
Sun.08.16 Have a nice Flight!
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Welcome to the World of Flight Ukuleles All NU series models are made of Sapele wood, which has an interesting brown wood grain with golden-walnut shades. Sapele wood is a close relative with premi..
Sat.07.16 Marshall CODE Prize Game
Zoli 0 795
Marshall CODE Nyereményjáték Pólót mindenkinek, főnyeremény egy Marshall hűtő! Mérföldkő egy gyártó életében, ha olyan forradalmi berendezéssel jelenik meg, mint a CODE sorozat. Ezt az eseményt szer..
Sat.07.16 The Sandberg Biography
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Sandberg Guitars was founded in 1986 by Holger Stonjek and Gerd Gorzellke during their apprenticeship as piano builders. The first workshop was located in an old farm building close to Wolfsburg (Vo..
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