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Meinl Percussion CA5 Turbo Cabasa

The MEINL Turbo Cabasas are a great innovation, with significantly more volume than normal cabasas. This comes from the sound ports in the resonating chamber. The Turbo Cabasas bring the classic cabasa sound to a new level that will cut through any s..

9,670Ft Ex Tax: 7,614Ft

Meinl Percussion CA7 Fiberglass Cabasa

The shape and function of the MEINL Fiberglass Cabasa equals a traditional gourd calabash...

21,700Ft Ex Tax: 17,087Ft

Meinl Percussion FCA5 Foot Cabasa

The MEINL Foot Cabasa is a breakthrough instrument for the percussionist! We mounted a large Turbo Cabasa on our sturdy foot pedal (US patent), which adds a new sound to your setup. Keep a cabasa rhythm while your hands play the congas or other drums..

61,000Ft Ex Tax: 48,031Ft