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Meinl Percussion KA5 Kalimba

MEINL Kalimbas are great sounding melodic instruments with unique features. Solid construction, plated steel keys and an ergonomic shape makes them dependable musical tools. This Kalimba is made for comfort. Five wide steel nibs are specially designe..

6,400Ft Ex Tax: 5,039Ft

Meinl Percussion KA9P Pickup Kalimba

We put a pickup into our kalimba to boost the output, so your melody can carry on. The internal pre-amp means you won’t have to worry about playing up close to the mike. An external volume knob lets you easily adjust to any situation...

51,000Ft Ex Tax: 40,157Ft

Meinl Percussion KA9WW Wah-Wah Kalimba

Everybody loves a little wah-wah, so we came up with a kalimba with a body-oriented sound hole in place of the traditional style. You can create a great wah-wah effect by simply bouncing the kalimba body on and off your belly as you play. The positio..

16,000Ft Ex Tax: 12,598Ft