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Meinl Percussion DO1 Double Shaker

The MEINL Double Shaker is woven by hand. It offers two different sounds in one instrument...

7,410Ft Ex Tax: 5,835Ft

Meinl Percussion ES Egg Shaker

Meinl Percussion ES1 Egg shaker...

600Ft Ex Tax: 472Ft

Meinl Percussion ES2 Egg Shaker, Pair

A pair of Meinl Percussion ES2 Egg shakers...

1,230Ft Ex Tax: 969Ft

Meinl Percussion ESW Jumbo Wood Egg Shaker

Meinl Percussion ESW Jumbo wood egg shaker...

4,370Ft Ex Tax: 3,441Ft

Meinl Percussion FS Foot Shaker

Meinl Percussion FS Foot Shaker...

3,850Ft Ex Tax: 3,031Ft

Meinl Percussion HSH Foot Percussion Heel Shaker

For all you heel tappers out there, here is the MEINL Heel Shaker. Simply slip the shoehorn style arm into your shoe, behind your heel, and start tapping your foot, freeing up your hands to play anything else you want. The two shakers provide a full,..

4,140Ft Ex Tax: 3,260Ft

Meinl Percussion JS88 Octagonal Aluminum Jingle Shaker

The MEINL Aluminum Jingle Shaker (designed by Juan Carlos Melian) has two pairs of steel jingles which are attached in one row to an octagonal aluminum shaker...

6,110Ft Ex Tax: 4,811Ft

Meinl Percussion MS Motion Shaker

The Motion Shaker from MEINL is a hands-free instrument that lets you effortlessly add the dimension and texture of a shaker while you play other instruments. It is lightweight and ergonomically designed for a secure, comfortable fit on the fingers...

2,850Ft Ex Tax: 2,244Ft

Meinl Percussion PP1 Perc Pack

Contains:Compact Foot TambourineLuis Conte Live ShakerClassic Wood Claves..

8,050Ft Ex Tax: 6,339Ft

Meinl Percussion SH10 Studio Shaker

MEINL’s Studio Shaker was designed to meet all the requirements necessary in today’s session world. It delivers a very tasteful and delicate shaker sound with a warm tone and a well balanced frequency spectrum...

4,170Ft Ex Tax: 3,283Ft

Meinl Percussion SH12 Studiomix Shaker

The StudioMix Shakers have a crisp full sound and come in two sizes. The textured surface both enhances the timbre and enables a positive grip. Lightweight plastic body is virtually unbreakable...

2,800Ft Ex Tax: 2,205Ft

Meinl Percussion SH15 Wood Shaker Discontinued

Meinl Percussion SH15 Wood Shaker

Made from a combination of selected woods, these new MEINL Wood Shakers offer a nice array of alternative sounds.Siam Oak (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.)Top and Bottom: Black Makah-Burl..

0Ft Ex Tax: 0Ft

Meinl Percussion SH16 Spark Shaker

The sparkling, chirping, splashing tones readily mix with almost any musical flavour. The pod-like shape fits easily into the hand and may be manipulated for many interesting effects. Spark Shakers may be played in pairs, or in combination with other..

5,470Ft Ex Tax: 4,307Ft

Meinl Percussion SH17 Spin Spark Shaker

The MEINL Spin Spark Shaker is equipped with a screw-mounted disc that adjusts and amplifies the characteristics of the fundamental pitch. When the disc is tight, the pitch is highest; and it deepens as the disc is loosened. There is a distinctively ..

5,980Ft Ex Tax: 4,709Ft

Meinl Percussion SH18 Headed Spark Shaker

One side of the MEINL Headed Spark Shaker is a drum head! Premium goatskin and a steel shell provide a rattling combination of crisp warm tones and a bright metal timbre...

5,470Ft Ex Tax: 4,307Ft

Meinl Percussion SH20 Wakah Shaker

The shaker has two chambers which are separated by a plastic membrane. By covering and uncovering the sound hole, a "wah-wah" effect can be achieved...

4,460Ft Ex Tax: 3,512Ft

Meinl Percussion SH21 U.F.O. Shaker

The black MEINL U.F.O. Shaker produces an extreme mellow and smooth sound and less attack, while the grey version has a crisper sound with more volume...

1,910Ft Ex Tax: 1,504Ft

Meinl Percussion SH22 Clamshell Spark Shaker

Clamshell Spark Shakers have a single solid weld holding the two halves of the shell together like a hinge. When you squeeze the two halves together, you get a wildly variable pitch response. It comes in two pitches, for high-low combinations...

9,540Ft Ex Tax: 7,512Ft

Meinl Percussion SH23 Proton Shaker

A sleek aluminium body and compact design makes the MEINL Proton Shaker easy for playing precise beats and patterns. It is easy to control with a soft sound that is perfect for recording sessions...

3,820Ft Ex Tax: 3,008Ft

Meinl Percussion SH24 Techno Shakers

These shakers come in a set and deliver cutting sounds with precise control. The MEINL Techno Shakers are made with a Siam Oak body and a special plastic top for extra sharp sounds. Simply altering the tension of your fingers on the top allows these..

5,140Ft Ex Tax: 4,047Ft

Meinl Percussion SH25 Projection Shaker

Designed for comfort and volume, the MEINL Projection Shaker produces excellent high pitched tones with ample volume. Its thin anodized aluminum body gives it a shimmering, cutting pitch and fits great in your hand. Exceptional for live playing...

7,080Ft Ex Tax: 5,575Ft

Meinl Percussion SH26 Live Crystal Shaker

The acrylic glass body makes the Crystal Shaker completely see through. Available in soft (white plastic beads) and loud (black plastic beads), these shakers provide players with a medium pitch sound that will help shape any groove with clarity and f..

6,440Ft Ex Tax: 5,071Ft

Meinl Percussion SH3 Loop Shaker

The MEINL Loop Shaker has a crackling bright sound with many dynamics, and is easy to control. It is very responsive to hand pressure and movement, giving it a soft or loud voice as needed...

1,580Ft Ex Tax: 1,244Ft

Meinl Percussion SH4 Artist Series Luis Conte Shaker

Meinl Percussion SH4 Artist Series Luis Conte Shaker...

3,200Ft Ex Tax: 2,520Ft

Meinl Percussion SH50 Mini Cajon Shaker

Meinl Percussion SH50 Mini Cajon Shaker...

1,610Ft Ex Tax: 1,268Ft

Meinl Percussion SH52 FX Modulation Shaker

This birch body shaker with black plastic top features a gap between the contrasting surfaces that allows players to modulate the sound by adding pressure to the top portion. This will instantly change the pitch and add a special effect to your groov..

4,690Ft Ex Tax: 3,693Ft

Meinl Percussion SH6 Rawhide Shaker

The MEINL Rawhide Shaker combines two different materials into one unique instrument. It produces very experimental sounds and works perfectly in modern music productions...

7,600Ft Ex Tax: 5,984Ft

Meinl Percussion SH7 Fiberglass Shaker

These MEINL Shakers are made from premium fiberglass for more durability and better sound quality. They are light weight and very comfortable to play...

9,670Ft Ex Tax: 7,614Ft

Meinl Percussion SH8 Octagonal Aluminum Shaker

MEINL’s Octagonal Aluminum Shakers come in three different sizes. All have a broad dynamic range with lots of volume...

4,170Ft Ex Tax: 3,283Ft

Meinl Percussion SH9 Round Aluminum Shaker

The MEINL Round Aluminum Shakers were designed to cut through loud live music...

6,440Ft Ex Tax: 5,071Ft

Meinl Percussion SLAP Slap Shake

The MEINL Slap Shake combines our innovative lightweight castanets with a colorful, percussive shaker effect. Mountable on a cajon, or any other instrument, the Slap Shake is designed with numerous small chambers to hold a centered filling for a well..

5,320Ft Ex Tax: 4,189Ft