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Banjo Strings

Banjo Strings
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Elixir Banjo Strings (Polyweb coating)

Elixir® Banjo Strings with nickel-wrapped/plain steel construction and loop ends deliver the tone and feel banjo players demand. Only coated string brand to protect the entire string with an ultra-thin coating, keeping gunk out of the gaps between th..

3,490Ft Ex Tax: 2,748Ft

Ernie Ball Earthwood Bronze 5-String Banjo Strings (loop end)

Ernie Ball 2063 : .009 .011 .013 .020w .009. Ernie Ball 2061 : .010 .013 .015 .024w .010...

1,900Ft Ex Tax: 1,496Ft

Rotosound RS65 G Banjo Strings

Rotosound RS65 G Banjo StringsHigh quality nickel wound loop end 5 string banjo set.Rotosound RS65: 0.010, 0.012, 0.015, 0.019w, 0.010..

2,390Ft Ex Tax: 1,882Ft

Rotosound RS75 Tenor Banjo Strings

Rotosound RS75 Tenor Banjo Strings High quality nickel wound loop end 4 string banjo set. Rotosound RS75: 0.010, 0.012, 0.023w, 0.032w..

1,890Ft Ex Tax: 1,488Ft