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Reflection Filter

Reflection Filter
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LD Systems microphone screen

The LD Systems RF1 is designed to help minimizing the undesirable hall reflections, noises and echos in order to obtain a very „dry“ vocal or instrumental recording signal. This filter allows good recording results even under unfavorable ambient cond..

29,700Ft Ex Tax: 23,386Ft

sE Electronics Guitar Reflection Filter

The guitaRF acts as an RF (Reflexion Filter®), an isolator, a double mic stand, and fine-positioning hardware for both your favorite large-diaphragm condenser or ribbon mic AND a dynamic or small-capsule mic. All in one piece of gear, with the abilit..

56,900Ft Ex Tax: 44,803Ft

sE Electronics Isolation Pack

Quick-release shock mount with integrated, adjustable pop filter.The Isolation Pack is a great add-on for anyone looking to increase the versatility of their X1 Series or 2200a II Series mic.The integrated quick-release mechanism at the base of the s..

15,900Ft Ex Tax: 12,520Ft

sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro

When you put a microphone in front of you, it doesn't just hear you - it hears the room around you. Even if it's a cardioid mic and is listening mostly to just you, it's still picking up reflections from your voice or instrument that are bouncing off..

67,900Ft Ex Tax: 53,465Ft

sE Electronics Reflexion Filter SPACE

The RF SPACE (Specialized Portable Acoustic Control Environment) marks another step forward for the professional tracking engineer.With a larger surface area, enhancement of sE’s patented multi-layer technology, deeper air gaps, and more efficient ma..

89,900Ft Ex Tax: 70,787Ft

sE Electronics Reflexion Filter X

Using the same design technology as the industry standard Reflexion Filter® PRO, the RF-X was conceived to answer the needs of the discerning recording artist working on a budget. With its lightweight vented body and an efficient, redesigned clamp as..

35,900Ft Ex Tax: 28,268Ft