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Dynaudio Bracket, Ceiling Mount

Dynaudio ceiling mount speaker bracket. ..

39,900Ft Ex Tax: 31,417Ft

Dynaudio Bracket, Wall Mount

Dynaudio Bracket, Wall Mount..

39,900Ft Ex Tax: 31,417Ft

Dynaudio SF1 Desktop Stand, two pieces

Dynaudio SF1 Desktop Stand, two pieces..

21,900Ft Ex Tax: 17,244Ft

König & Meyer KM1608000055 headphone holder, microphone stand mountable

A holder for headphones when not in use. The new headphone holder is simply clamped to the tubes of a music stand or microphone stand, etc. and is generally suitable for a tube diameter max. 30 mm. The soft rubber support can easily take two sets of ..

3,840Ft Ex Tax: 3,024Ft

König & Meyer KM1609000055 headphone holder, table mount

Protective and stable holder covered in soft rubber for 2 standard headphones. In addition, there are grooves on the front of the support arm in which two in-ear-headphones can be hung. The clamp can be extended from 0 to 45 mm allowing it to be moun..

4,690Ft Ex Tax: 3,693Ft

König & Meyer KM1977730055 iPad holder stand

The combination of stand and iPad Air 2 holder is great to use on stage, at home or in the studio. The iPad is easy to clip in and out of the holder. Tilt is adjusted with an ergonomic clamping screw. The iPad can of course be turned to either the ve..

17,817Ft Ex Tax: 14,029Ft

Rode Pivot Adaptor Pivoting Boom Adaptor

The RØDE Pivot Adaptor is a durable machined-aluminium, brass and high-grade polymer adaptor for mounting on boom stands and boompoles, allowing for up to 210 degrees of pivot. A 5/8" to 3/8" adaptor is included..

10,900Ft Ex Tax: 8,583Ft

Rode Stereo Bar Stereo Microphone Mount

The RØDE Stereo Bar is a robust solution for mounting two microphones in a stereo array. With clearly marked spacing of up to 20cm, as well as angle and measurement indicators for ORTF and XY positioning, the RØDE Stereo Bar makes it quick and easy t..

10,900Ft Ex Tax: 8,583Ft