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Thomastik-Infeld BB Jazz Bebop Electric Guitar Strings

Probably the only round wound guitar string that can truly be called a jazz string. A similarity to the JAZZ SWING in materials and string architecture, but with a small gauge round wound nickel winding, produces a strong, fundamental rich jazzy tone..

4,970Ft Ex Tax: 3,913Ft

Thomastik-Infeld Classic C Classical Guitar Strings

Gauges: .024, .028, .033, .032, .037, .046..

7,150Ft Ex Tax: 5,630Ft

Thomastik-Infeld CR-127 Classical Guitar Strings

Thomastik-Infeld CR127 classical guitar strings. ..

3,780Ft Ex Tax: 2,976Ft

Thomastik-Infeld JS Jazz Swing Flatwound Electric Guitar Strings

This is the legendary flatwound jazz guitar string! A ">Gauges: 010, 014, 0.18, 0.23, 0.33, 0.44.011, .015, .019, .025, .035, .047.012, .016, .020, .027, .037, .050.013, .017, .021, .028, .039, .053..

5,400Ft Ex Tax: 4,252Ft

Thomastik-Infeld Superalloy Electric Guitar Strings

INFELD guitar strings with superalloy™ wrap wire deliver bright, cutting tone – and they measurably produce more power than other strings. And higher gain means a better ­signal-to-noise ratio. INFELD guitar strings are also perfect for heavy effects..

2,550Ft Ex Tax: 2,008Ft