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Total tube performance. The 12AY7 Mic Preamp is all about dynamics with warm tone and true accuracy. Using a 200V power supply, the 12AY7 Mic Pre has a wide dynamic range and up to 50 dB of gain to boost your microphone level up to line level. Balanced XLR I/O allow it to interface into any pro reco..
Ex Tax:58,976Ft
Brand: Focusrite
Specifications:Clarett Octopre..
Ex Tax:191,732Ft
Brand: Focusrite
Specifications: Scarlett Octopre..
Ex Tax:118,031Ft
Brand: Focusrite
Specification:Scarlett Octopre Dynamic..
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The DM-1 DYNAMITE: explosive level for all your passive mics. Some mics need a LOT of gain - and not all preamps are up to the challenge. The DM1 DYNAMITE is an ultra-slim active inline preamp that fits seamlessly between your mic and mic pre, providing a massive +28dB of clean, transparent gain for..
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Brand: TC Helicon
GO VOCALHigh-Quality Microphone Preamp for Mobile Devices Go inspire the world with a high-quality microphone preamp and let your voice be heardRecord quality audio directly to your iOS*, Android*, Mac* and PC devicesXLR input lets you connect any dynamic or condenser microphoneHeadphone output to m..
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