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Delano JC 4 AL Single Coil Pickup

The JC 4 AL ( AlNiCo V single coil) is our well revised version of the classic JB pickup® .We examined the best vintage basses from 1960 to 1977 to create a harmonious blend between the woody low mid growl and warm articulate midrange early sixties p..

34,900Ft Ex Tax: 27,480Ft

Delano JC 4 AL/M2 Split Coil Humbucker Bass Pickup

You are looking for a classic single coil JB® tone without hum?Our JC 4 AL/M2 ( AlNiCo V pickup) is engineered to combine the best vintage single coil sound in a split coil humbucking design. Our main focus was to maintain the sound characteristics o..

40,500Ft Ex Tax: 31,890Ft

Delano JC 5 AL Single Coil Bass Guitar Pickup

Like its 4-string brother, the JC 4 AL, it has been developed to combine the best elements of vintage JB® tone with modern performance specs. We took a lot of extra care to fully accommodate the 5th string into the tonal spectrum of the pickup withou..

36,900Ft Ex Tax: 29,055Ft

Delano JC 5 AL/M2-AS Split Coil Humbucker Bass Pickup

The DELANO JC 5 AL/M2-AS are retrofit pickups for Jazz Bass® type instruments in American Standard® size. Just as with the development of the JC 4 AL/M2 pickup, we took a lot of extra care to maintain the sound characteristics of the JC 5 AL with its..

44,000Ft Ex Tax: 34,646Ft

Delano JMVC 4 FE/M2 Split Coil Humbucker Bass Pickup

These split coil humbuckers are the result of consequent research and modern winding technology. The gorgeous visual impact of their 9,5mm pole pieces is clearly audible: Ultra fast transient attack, powerful low end response, detailed midrange and b..

33,900Ft Ex Tax: 26,693Ft

Delano JMVC 5 FE/M2 (AS) Split Coil Humbucker Bass Pickup

The DELANO difference: Five massive 9,5mm poles capture every slight movement of your strings. The humfree split coil JMVC 5 FE/M2 ultra fast transient 5-string bass pickup features state-of-the-art transducer technology combined with avant-garde cos..

36,900Ft Ex Tax: 29,055Ft