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Acoustic Amps

Brand: Cort
Cort AF30 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier 8" woofer, tweeter Mic/Aux XLR/6,3 combo input Instrument 6,3 input 4-band graphic EQ Notch Filter with on/off switch Delay, Chorus, Del/Cho effects, adjustable parametes , FX on-off switchSeparate Reverb Headphone output Tiltable construction 30 W powerSize: 392..
Ex Tax:51,890Ft
Brand: Cort
Cort AF60 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier 2x8" woofer, tweeter Mic/Aux XLR/6,3 combo input Instrument 6,3 input 4-band graphic EQ Notch Filter with on/off stiwch Delay, Chorus, Del/Cho effects, adjustable parametes, FX on-off switchSeparate ReverbHeadphone OutputTiltable 60 W powerSize: 475x320x305 mm Wei..
Ex Tax:58,976Ft
Brand: Ibanez
Ibanez T-15II Troubadour Acoustic Guitar ComboSize (mm): 235(W) x 210(D) x 218(H)Cabinet: Closed BackOutput: 15W@6Controls: Instrument Channel: Bass, Treble, Volume, Chorus On/Off Microphone Channel: VolumeI/O s: Gitarren Eingang, Mikrofon Eingang (XLR), Aux EingangWeight: 3.15kgSpeaker: 6.5 Full ..
Ex Tax:27,874Ft
Brand: Ibanez
Ibanez T30-II Troubadour Acoustic Guitar AmplifierSize (mm): 363(W) x 263(D) x 273(H)Cabinet: Closed BackOutput: 30W@8Controls: Instrument Channel: Bass, Treble, Volume Microphone Channel: Bass, Treble, Volume FXs: Instrument Chorus Speed with On/Off Switch, Instrument Reverb and Microphone Reverb ..
Ex Tax:55,906Ft
Marshall AS50D Acoustic Guitar Combo (50W)
Brand: Marshall
The 50 Watt AS50D has two specially designed 8″ Celestion® speakers and a high fidelity polymer dome tweeter, for rich clean tones and brilliant highs. Designed for a variety of different acoustic instruments, the AS50D has a range of input features, so it can accommodate instruments with magnetic p..
Ex Tax:86,535Ft
Brand: VOX
The compact and lightweight VX series of amps is joined by a new 50W model for acoustic guitar, featuring Nutube, the new vacuum tube. With an uncolored, honest, and flat sound, it delivers beautifully rich sound that covers everything from detailed nuances to powerful strokes. Since it also provide..
Ex Tax:66,476Ft
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