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Boss BCB-30 Pedalboard Boss BCB-30 Pedalboard
Brand: Boss
The BCB-30 is a convenient way for guitarists and bass players to transport and use their BOSS compact effects pedals. Made of high-quality molded resin, this case is perfect for small pedalboard setups. Holds up to three BOSS compact pedalsComes with daisy-chain cable to power three compact pedals ..
Ex Tax:18,819Ft
Brand: Cort
Cort CGB18S gigbag for classic, folk, Jade guitarsGig bag for classical, Jade and folk guitars, economy line with 4mm foam padding...
Ex Tax:5,661Ft
EDEN COVR-70007 D-Series 4x10 XST Cabinet Cover
Temporarily unavailable
Brand: David Eden
Cabinet cover for EDEN D-Series 4x10 XST cabinet...
Ex Tax:9,449Ft
EDEN COVR-70008 D-Series 2x12 XLT Cabinet Cover
Temporarily unavailable
Brand: David Eden
Cabinet cover for EDEN D-Series 2x12 XLT cabinet...
Ex Tax:8,661Ft
EDEN COVR70003 WTX500 Cover
Temporarily unavailable
EDEN COVR70006 D410 Cabinet Cover
Temporarily unavailable
Brand: Hotone
Hotone HT-AGB-1 Ampero GigBagThe Ampero Gig Bag is specifically designed for Ampero:Thick, reinforced inner padding cushions your gear, protecting your Ampero from impact damage as you take it from gig to gig.Reinforced wear-resistant fabric and heavy duty metal parts promise long-lasting durability..
Ex Tax:13,307Ft
Brand: Palmer
Palmer PEDALBAY® 50 S Lightweight Compact Pedalboard with Protective Softcase, 50 cmUniversal aluminium Pedalboard for the storage of all commercially available floor effects.The cross bars are already covered with Velcro (fleece), a sufficient amount of hook strap is also included.Power supplies an..
Ex Tax:16,142Ft
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