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Brand: Alesis
Alesis Debut Kit Electric Drum (4) 6-inch Adjustable Mesh Head Drums (3) 10-inch Cymbals Bass Drum and Hi-Hat Floor Pedals Sturdy metal mounting rack DM-Lite drum module with 10 kits and 120 sounds Connect to a computer or music player for play-along Drum throne, sticks, headphones, and cabling..
122,700Ft 126,400Ft
Ex Tax:96,614Ft
Alesis Drum Essentials Bundle
Brand: Alesis
Alesis Drum Essentials BundleAdjustable double-braced drum throne that provides comfort and support for drummers of all agesEasily collapsible throne stand, perfect for storage or travelPremium on-ear headphones with 1/8-inch connector for private practice..
Ex Tax:21,495Ft
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