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Hill Audio Adagio SMW-420 Passive Speaker (pair)
2-3 Days
Brand: Hill Audio
Hill Audio passzive speaker. 2-way passive LF driver 4" HF driver 0,75" 25Watt RMS Impedence: 8Ohm Max SPL: 100dB 1 pair2 year warranty1,7 kgAvailable colors: BlackWhite..
Ex Tax:21,181Ft
Hill Audio Adagio SMW-420T Passive Speaker (pair)
2-3 Days
Brand: Hill Audio
The Adagio series is the perfect loudspeaker choice for background music applications. Whether at low volumes like in retail environments or at more elevated sound levels as in hospitality use, there is a choice for every purpose in this range. Being tuned for the high dynamics and extended frequenc..
Ex Tax:24,331Ft
Hill Audio Adagio SMW-620 Passive Speaker (pair)
2-3 Days
Brand: Hill Audio
Hill Audio passive speaker. 2-way passive LF driver 6,5" HF driver 0,75" 50Watt RMS Impedence: 8Ohm Max SPL: 106dB1 pair 2 year warranty3,2 kgAvailable colors: BlackWhite..
Ex Tax:32,205Ft
Hill Audio Adagio SMW-820 Passive Speaker
2-3 Days
Brand: Hill Audio
Hill Audio passive speaker. 2-way passive LF driver 8" HF driver 1" 85Watt RMS Impedence: 8Ohm Max SPL: 111dB 1 pair 2 year warranty6 kgAvailable colors: BlackWhite..
Ex Tax:51,102Ft
Brand: Hill Audio
The CMC-100 passive balanced monitor controller is the indispensable tool for every music producer working with a pair of active powered studio monitors, which mostly have their volume controls inconveniently located at their back side. This forces the use of the master volume control in the DAW sof..
Ex Tax:18,031Ft
Brand: Hill Audio
The IMA-200V2 is the one-stop solution for many small commercial venues such as shops, offices, bars and cafés. It combines MP3 replay and FM tuner reception as music sources with a microphone input and a high-headroom power amplifier in one compact unit. Apart from its main output, an additional zo..
Ex Tax:90,472Ft
Brand: Hill Audio
The IMA-400V2 media amplifier combines a MP3 player, a FM Tuner and a multitude of microphones and stereo sources with a high-headroom stereo power amplifier in one compact unit. Add a VCA volume remote control option for its main output, the IMA-400V2 extends the its applications into venues with m..
Ex Tax:129,055Ft
Brand: Hill Audio
Hill Audio wallmount media amplifier With it's built-in MP3 player, FM tuner and microphone input it's a perfect musical solution for pubs, offices, shops. 2x80 Watt @ 4Ohm 2x50 Watt @ 8Ohm USB/SD card input 1x Microphone input with fantom power FM tuner 2-band master EQ Talk over Main and zone out..
Ex Tax:99,921Ft
Brand: Hill Audio
The IMM-2320V2 Media Preamp/Mixer combines a 3-input stereo mixer with 2 microphone inputs and an internal media player. The auto-talkover feature of the microphone section allows automatic attenuation of the music signal by an adjustable amount when speaking into a microphone. This makes the unit a..
Ex Tax:66,063Ft
Brand: Hill Audio
The IPA-200V2 is an ultra-versatile power amplifier for installation purposes. It can serve both as a stereo and as a dual-mono amplifier, and the inputs can even be configured to sum two stereo signals into two mono signals in case that a source is stereo but a mono zone needs to be fed. Input high..
Ex Tax:68,425Ft
Brand: Hill Audio
The IPM-1610V2 7-channel mixer is a perfect fit at the heart of any installed sound system where flexibility needs to be paired with simplicity of operation. It offers 5 multi-purpose inputs which can either be fed with a balanced microphone signal or an unbalanced stereo line signal. One further ba..
Ex Tax:55,827Ft
Hill Audio LMD 1202 FX Mixer
Brand: Hill Audio
Hill Audio mixer. 4 mono microphone inputs with wide-range gain control covering microphone and line signal sensitivitiesSwitchable +48V phantom power for microphone inputs3-band EQ, 75Hz highpass-filter, post-volume Aux (EFX) bus, pan control, Peak LED and volume control for all mono inputs4 stereo..
Ex Tax:39,291Ft
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