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Hotone Ampero Press HT-SP-30 passive volume and expression pedal Hotone Ampero Press HT-SP-30 passive volume and expression pedal
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Brand: Hotone
Hotone Ampero Press HT-SP-30 passive volume and expression pedalAmpero Press is a compact, passive volume/expression 2 in 1 pedal designed not only for controlling Ampero series multi-effects,but also for controlling other musical devices (with external EXP pedal jacks) or being used as a passive vo..
Ex Tax:23,543Ft
Brand: Hotone
Hotone HT-AGB-1 Ampero GigBagThe Ampero Gig Bag is specifically designed for Ampero:Thick, reinforced inner padding cushions your gear, protecting your Ampero from impact damage as you take it from gig to gig.Reinforced wear-resistant fabric and heavy duty metal parts promise long-lasting durability..
Ex Tax:13,307Ft
Brand: Hotone
Hotone HT-FSC-1 Karat Footswitch CapSomething magic will happen when you set it up on footswitches with halo LEDs.Features:Diamond shaped transparent footswitch cap designed for Ampero and most effect pedalsImproves switching accuracy with more comfortGreat for footswitches with halo LEDsMade f..
Ex Tax:2,984Ft
Brand: Hotone
Hotone HT-MP-380 Ampero II Stage amp modeler and effects processorCDCM HD GEN 2 STAGE TYPE AMP MODELER / EFFECTS PROCESSORAmpero II Stage, the latest gem in the Ampero series, is here to revolutionize your live performances.With its cutting-edge triple-core digital platform and premium ESS® Sabre® s..
Ex Tax:210,157Ft
Brand: Hotone
Hotone HT-MP-50 Ampero One amp modeler and effects processorAmpero Mini is the smallest guy in our Ampero family so far, offering you uncompromised Ampero sound in an ultra compact aluminum case.It has the essentials of stunning Ampero effects armory with 3rd party IR support. Onboard essentia..
Ex Tax:66,850Ft
Brand: Hotone
Hotone HT-MP-80 Ampero One amp modeler and effects processor How many amps & pedals do you need to sound your best?Maybe you just need an Ampero One. It has great tube amps generated by new technology, modeling everything from extremely heavy driven sounds to pure clean ones.You can play heavy g..
Ex Tax:81,811Ft
Brand: Hotone
Hotone HT-NLF-75 Loudster Nano Legacy Floor portable power amp 75WHT-NLF-75Loudster - portable floor power ampLoudster is a compact power amp specially designed for guitarists.This portable 75-watt power amp puts out a huge, natural tone with musical power.With Loudster at the end of your FX chain, ..
Ex Tax:47,165Ft
Brand: Hotone
Hotone HT SP 35 Ampero II Press passive footswitch and expression pedalConventional external expression pedals often control only parameters of an effects unit, requiring the use of switches on the effects unit to change its status.Ampero II Press solves this problem perfectly with its built-in sing..
Ex Tax:24,331Ft
Brand: Hotone
Hotone Pulze HT-AP-30 Multifunctional Modern Bluetooth Modeling AmplifierPulze HT AP 30BK Black and Pulze HT AP 30WH White Edition is a modern Bluetooth digital modeling amplifier with a minimalist exterior design, suitable for a variety of electric and acoustic instruments.Meticulousl..
Ex Tax:125,118Ft
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