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KM 19742 universal tablet holder for microphone stands:The holder can be attached quickly and easily to any microphone stand with the 3 / 8" internal thread.A unique tensioning mechanism with a clamping width between 120 and 222 mm means the holder is suitable for holding securely all standard table..
Ex Tax:16,795Ft
You have your drum sticks always at hand with this comfortable holder. The large quiver, ø 90 mm provides enough room for several drum stick sets. With a depth of 240 mm the sticks are also securely stored. Thanks to the proven clamping element, the holder can be attached to all tubes with diameters..
Ex Tax:5,488Ft
Stable footrest, height-adjustable to 6 different positions. Large non-skid plastic pad and heavy-duty legs for added stability. Individually packed. Dimensions: 250 x 98 mmHeight: from 119 to 264 mmHeight adjustment: 6 positionsWeight: 0,6 kgSpecial features: non-skid plastic pad..
Ex Tax:3,488Ft
This practical ukulele holder is flexible and easy to mount. The clamp can be attached to any tube with a diameter ranging from 7 to 30 mm. Thanks to the rubberized support arms the instrument is safe and protected. The ukulele holder is suitable for all common models. Dimensions: 66 x 116 x 60 mmMa..
Ex Tax:4,251Ft
A holder for headphones when not in use. The new headphone holder is simply clamped to the tubes of a music stand or microphone stand, etc. and is generally suitable for a tube diameter max. 30 mm. The soft rubber support can easily take two sets of headphones. In addition, 2 in-ear headphones can a..
Ex Tax:3,440Ft
Protective and stable holder covered in soft rubber for 2 standard headphones. In addition, there are grooves on the front of the support arm in which two in-ear-headphones can be hung. The clamp can be extended from 0 to 45 mm allowing it to be mounted on a wide variety of tables, shelves etc. Clam..
Ex Tax:4,134Ft
König & Meyer KM1884000030 Baby Spider Pro keyboard stand König & Meyer KM1884000030 Baby Spider Pro keyboard stand
The next generation of the Baby-Spider keyboard stand, equipped with a pair of extendable support arms, a 3/8" or 5/8" threaded connector for the attachment of microphone booms and a cable clamp for cable management. The stand provides infinitely variable height adjustment and a gradually adjustment..
Ex Tax:64,566Ft
König & Meyer KM1893007055 X keyboard stand, 350mm arms König & Meyer KM1893007055 X keyboard stand, 350mm arms
The new generation of X-Stands is comfortable and convenient. The ergonomic clamping mechanism makes setup or break down easy and fast. The robust metal joint can be adjusted in 5° intervals; the short intervals provide the user with a multitude of positions. With the assistance of a scale the user ..
Ex Tax:13,385Ft
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