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Musical Instrument Accessories

Brand: Delano
The Delano PMVC5 FE / M2 5-string P-Bass® pickup stands really apart from all others!Five sturdy 9,5mm diameter pole pieces are not for looks only: Tight, lightning-fast transients on top of meaty full range 5-string, ultra precision bass tone. Exceptional in combination with our MC 5 FE, MM style® ..
Ex Tax:35,906Ft
KM 19742 universal tablet holder for microphone stands:The holder can be attached quickly and easily to any microphone stand with the 3 / 8" internal thread.A unique tensioning mechanism with a clamping width between 120 and 222 mm means the holder is suitable for holding securely all standard table..
Ex Tax:17,634Ft
KM 19790 features: Give your Tablet devices a safe and secure hold: The Universal Tablet Holder can be adjusted variably to accommodate different tablet sizes without needing tools and holds the devices securely and effectively for many different situations. Be it on stage, in rehearsal rooms or at ..
Ex Tax:12,484Ft
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