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Alesis DRP100 Headphones Alesis DRP100 Headphones
Brand: Alesis
The Alesis DRP100 electronic drum reference headphones incorporate accurate sound reproduction and extreme audio isolation for monitoring electronic drum kits in the studio, during practice, and on the stage. Designed for today’s electronic drummers, DRP100 comes precisely voiced and purpose-built t..
Ex Tax:15,354Ft
Alesis SRP100 Studio Headphones Alesis SRP100 Studio Headphones
2-3 Days
Brand: Alesis
The Alesis SRP100 studio reference headphones blend together clear sound, sleek design, and comfort to deliver a perfect solution for professional monitoring and general music playback. Expertly tuned and optimized for studio use, SRP100 lets you track, mix, and playback music with rich detailed aco..
Ex Tax:15,590Ft
Open-back headphones with self-adjusting headband support mechanism - suitable for hours of use with home audio and video systems. Offers full, high-quality sound. Open-air design, featuring 40mm CCAW drivers, delivers rich, detailed soundHoneycomb-punched aluminium housings enable clear sound repro..
Ex Tax:32,217Ft
High-fidelity, large-driver headphones with anti-vibration aluminium housings for outstanding sound for home audio and video systems. Enjoy the full range of sound from the dynamic to the most delicate. Large 53 mm CCAW bobbin-wound voice coil drivers reproduce full, wide-range soundAnti-vibration a..
Ex Tax:32,217Ft
Replacing the original ATH-M20 model from Audio-Technica, the closed-back dynamic ATH-M20X headphones are an excellent introduction to the renowned M-Series Range. With a modern design and construction from high-quality materials, the ATH-M20x allows for a high level of listening comfort, allowing a..
Ex Tax:20,201Ft
Designed to deliver a comfortable listening experience. Advanced build quality and engineering40 mm drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coilsTuned for enhanced detail, with excellent mid-range definitionCircumaural design contours around the ears for excellent sound i..
Ex Tax:29,154Ft
The M-Series ATH-M40x professional monitor headphones are tuned flat for incredibly accurate audio monitoring across an extended frequency range. Critically acclaimed sonic performance. Cutting-edge engineering and robust construction40 mm drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wir..
Ex Tax:38,555Ft
The most critically acclaimed model in the M-series line of monitoring headphones, receiving praise from top live and studio engineers and reviewers alike, year after year. Critically acclaimed sonic performanceProprietary 45 mm large-aperture driversWide frequency range with exceptional audio clari..
Ex Tax:53,854Ft
The ATH-M70x professional monitoring headphones are the latest from the M-Series range, with 45 mm large-aperture drivers developed to faithfully reproduce bass sounds as well as high frequencies (5 to 40 000 Hz) whilst at the same time guaranteeing perfect balance. These headphones are ideal for st..
Ex Tax:102,949Ft
Audio-Technica's first ever Professional Open-Back Reference Headphones, the ATH-R70x have already become a flagship product in our range of professional headphones. Bespoke drivers which have been the result of specific development, combined with acoustically transparent earcups in a honeycomb alum..
Ex Tax:120,512Ft
Brand: Audix
Audix A140 Professional Studio HeadphonesThe A140 is the perfect choice for home studio and music enthusiasts alike.Featuring a professional, high-quality design, the A140 provides exceptional clarity and a tight, balanced sound across the entire frequency range.With the 40 mm phase-coherent drivers..
Ex Tax:40,094Ft
Audix A145 Professional Studio Headphones
Brand: Audix
Audix A145 Professional Studio HeadphonesThe A145 recreates the listening experience of a control room or recording studio environment.Tight bass, clear and accurate midrange, and smooth highs make the A145 a perfect choice for headphone mixing, playback, and critical listening for both professional..
Ex Tax:52,244Ft
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