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The DM-1 DYNAMITE: explosive level for all your passive mics. Some mics need a LOT of gain - and not all preamps are up to the challenge. The DM1 DYNAMITE is an ultra-slim active inline preamp that fits seamlessly between your mic and mic pre, providing a massive +28dB of clean, transparent gain for..
Ex Tax:34,567Ft
sE Electronics Dual Pro Pop Filter
2-3 Days
A simple but highly effective solution to the problem of needing different pop shields for different vocal performances. The Dual Pro Pop uses a rock-solid gooseneck with both a standard fabric membrane and our professional metal pop shield on a hinged mechanism. You can use either separately or bot..
Ex Tax:15,669Ft
sE Electronics GEMINI II Cardioid Tube Microphone sE Electronics GEMINI II Cardioid Tube Microphone
2-3 Days
The Gemini II dual valve microphone is a no-holds-barred piece of microphone history. The dual valve design means pure valve warmth from the 12AX7 input valve, coupled with a 12AU7 valve on the output stage. The result is an incredibly large, detailed, and intimate sound – reminiscent of the classic..
Ex Tax:446,378Ft
sE Electronics Guitar Reflection Filter sE Electronics Guitar Reflection Filter
2-3 Days
The guitaRF acts as an RF (Reflexion Filter®), an isolator, a double mic stand, and fine-positioning hardware for both your favorite large-diaphragm condenser or ribbon mic AND a dynamic or small-capsule mic. All in one piece of gear, with the ability to perfectly phase-align the two capsules for ma..
Ex Tax:65,276Ft
Quick-release shock mount with integrated, adjustable pop filter.The Isolation Pack is a great add-on for anyone looking to increase the versatility of their X1 Series or 2200a II Series mic.The integrated quick-release mechanism at the base of the shock mount makes it easy to insert or remove a mic..
21,000Ft 22,900Ft
Ex Tax:16,535Ft
This unique metal screen is not simply perforated, but implements a slightly convex shape to redirect low-frequency air blasts to the side of the screen. This process does not attenuate high frequencies (as fabric screens can) and leaves the vocal performance completely unaffected, minus any disrupt..
Ex Tax:10,945Ft
sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro
2-3 Days
When you put a microphone in front of you, it doesn't just hear you - it hears the room around you. Even if it's a cardioid mic and is listening mostly to just you, it's still picking up reflections from your voice or instrument that are bouncing off the walls and coming back to the mic. The goal of..
Ex Tax:65,276Ft
sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro Mounting Kit
2-3 Days
Inspired by professional drum hardware - and the stand mount from our flagship RF SPACE - this hardware upgrade kit for the RF Pro helps to increase stability, simplify ease of use, and provide an updated level of performance, durability, and aesthetics.It allows panning and tilting for maximum flex..
Ex Tax:18,031Ft
sE Electronics Reflexion Filter SPACE sE Electronics Reflexion Filter SPACE
2-3 Days
The RF SPACE (Specialized Portable Acoustic Control Environment) marks another step forward for the professional tracking engineer.With a larger surface area, enhancement of sE’s patented multi-layer technology, deeper air gaps, and more efficient materials, the SPACE offers great full-bandwidth abs..
Ex Tax:92,835Ft
sE Electronics Reflexion Filter X sE Electronics Reflexion Filter X
2-3 Days
Using the same design technology as the industry standard Reflexion Filter® PRO, the RF-X was conceived to answer the needs of the discerning recording artist working on a budget. With its lightweight vented body and an efficient, redesigned clamp assembly, the RF-X is simplicity itself, providing s..
Ex Tax:30,630Ft
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