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Brand: Tannoy
Big Monitor Sound, Ultra-Compact DesignDon’t be fooled by Reveal 402’s compact size. Decades of experience in loudspeaker design and tweaking is the foundation for creating Reveal 402.The result is a massive soundscape generated by the super-efficient 4” woofer and ultra-precise ¾” tweeter.Expertly ..
Ex Tax:40,866Ft
Brand: Tannoy
Premium Tonal Clarity Across Musical StylesReveal 502 delivers absolutely premium tonal clarity utilizing literally decades of experience in loudspeaker research and development.Whether it’s Pop, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Electronic music or Metal, brutal honesty from your monitors is key when tweaking t..
Ex Tax:58,189Ft
Brand: Tannoy
ROCK-SOLID BASS AT ANY VOLUMEMixing bass-heavy hiphop or electronic music? Reveal 802 has you covered. Make no mistake, this is the ultimate near-field monitor for Low-End lovers, resting on decades of experience in loudspeaker research.The custom 8" woofer and 1” tweeter tell you exactly what is go..
Ex Tax:73,150Ft
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