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Authentic recreation of popular vintage chorus pedalUnique 4-button selection systemLegendary, all-analog BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) circuitryTrue bypass for ultimate signal integrity"Built-like-a-tank" metal chassisRuns on 9 V battery or PSU-SB DC power supply (not included)..
Ex Tax:10,945Ft
Handheld infinite sustainer made from high-quality materialsPowerful custom-made transducers for fast string excitementCool and compact build for ease of useCreate inspiring new sounds including drones, fade-ins, bowing and moreIncreased string clearance allows for incredibly expressive and dynamic ..
Ex Tax:23,543Ft
Afterglow Chorus is designed with the vintage aficionado in mind. Its all-analog circuit uses a Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) to create a wide range of classic handed-down modulation tones. From the smallest shudder to wildest wobble, this tiny marvel is sure to quench your thirst for vintage flavored..
Ex Tax:10,945Ft
200 Watt portable micro bass head amplifier for stage and studioUltra-compact and lightweight design for ultimate portabilityCutting-edge Class-D amplifier technology for incredible power and sonic performanceTC Electronic preamplifier design for authentic sound and feel of a tube amp3-band EQ secti..
Ex Tax:40,079Ft
200 Watt bass cabinet for stage and studio use featuring great sounding custom drivers2 x 8" custom drivers for deep fundamental bass toneCompact and lightweight bass cabinet designVertically stackable with other cabinets for uncompromising full-frequency soundDual speaker link connections on premiu..
Ex Tax:53,465Ft
TC Electronic BG250-208 Bass Combo Amplifier TC Electronic BG250-208 Bass Combo Amplifier
Our BG250 may be ultra-portable, but it still houses all the things that make a great bass combo. It's light yet powerful, features super versatile tone shaping tools and it has an onboard tuner specifically calibrated for bass, spanning six strings. Portable & Powerful250 Watt25.9 lbs. / 11.75 ..
Ex Tax:95,984Ft
With this super-compact bass head, you get a lot more than just power to play. The unique TonePrint feature allows you to load and swap effects in seconds, which is sure to inspire you to come up with personal and diverse bass lines. Portable & Powerful 250 Watt4 lbs./1.8 kg8.7" x 2.5 x 9.6"220 ..
Ex Tax:66,063Ft
With BH550 we're building on everything that people loved about the original BH250, by simply throwing in more of what made the amp so innovative. You get more power, more punch and more creative features without compromising with the original's ultra-lightweight design. On top of that you get a hig..
Ex Tax:136,142Ft
BH250 was a true innovation within the world of bass. Bass players were floored by how such great tones could be contained in an enclosure so small and lightweight, that they immediately cried out for more. So that's what we decided to do. With the BH800 you get 800Watts of raw power, and all the pu..
Ex Tax:159,764Ft
If classic 1970s phaser tones make your heart beat faster, brace yourself for a sheer heart attack! Blood Moon Phaser resurrects the toothsome phaser sounds of yesteryear and transfuses them with a range of modern features such as top-mounted input/output and true bypass. Infuse your tone with the h..
Ex Tax:10,157Ft
BodyRez is the new must-have tool for every acoustic player out there. Designed to restore the natural acoustic resonance of your instrument when using under-saddle pickups, BodyRez gives you a more natural sound simply with the turn of a single knob. Getting great acoustic tone couldn't possibly be..
Ex Tax:26,693Ft
BonaFide Buffer is the sonic remedy that will free your tone of any treble-sucking constraints put upon it by long cable runs. Just slam this high-quality, no-nonsense tone tool on your pedalboard and get ready to bask in your tone as it was meant to be. Transparent, crisp, alive and all you! High-Q..
Ex Tax:17,244Ft
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